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Red Hot Caribe T101

2015 Tartan 101 (formerly C&C 101), Hull #19

Red Hot is a high-performance fractional sloop with a very generous carbon rig powered by top notch North Sails. Among her other great features are an amazing 60” Carbotecnica wheel, a Complete Garmin suit including a 7” touchscreen GPS at the wheel, 6 multi-use displays (3 large at the mast), an AIS600 and chartplotter.

For those who are not familiar with the Tartan 101, it is a 33’ racing fractional sloop still in production at Tartan featuring an Aspire carbon-fiber mast, carbon-fiber rudderpost, and a uniquely-designed centerline retractable carbon fiber bowsprit, with a nearly 12-foot long cockpit, and a national PHRF rating of 75. 

Red Hot Caribe also sports a carbon fiber race wheel and a full suite of carbon North 3Di racing sails.

Out in California, Tartan 101s regularly compete with, and swap bullets with, J-109s.

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